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La Cage – Brasserie Sportive, a prominent sports bar franchise, enlisted our services in December and January to address their urgent recruitment needs for chef and sous chef positions. Our objective was to leverage our HR marketing expertise to achieve successful outcomes despite facing significant challenges.


The recruitment initiative occurred amidst Canada’s widespread labor shortage, compounded by elevated advertising costs during the holiday season. Despite these hurdles, our task was to deliver top-tier candidates to La Cage and provide exceptional value.


In response, our team devised an innovative social media advertising campaign tailored for HR marketing. This targeted strategy attracted a multitude of high-quality resumes, achieving a remarkable cost of under $4 per resume—a figure well below La Cage’s budget.


Our efforts yielded impressive results, garnering over 275 resumes for La Cage within a mere 40-day span. This robust response, achieved amid a national labor shortage and heightened advertising expenses, underscores our ability to deliver exceptional value even under challenging circumstances. It reaffirms our dedication to providing exemplary HR marketing services that effectively meet our clients’ recruitment requirements.

Discover Our Success Story

Discover Our Success Story

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