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GVN Marketing has had the honor of collaborating with Lisa Noto, a trailblazer in Canada’s natural, gluten-free, and vegan cosmetic products industry, for over two years. Throughout this partnership, our focus has been on strengthening the company’s digital footprint and driving sales.


Despite offering a unique product line, Lisa Noto initially struggled to generate significant online sales, attract website traffic, and improve their online conversion rate. The market potential was vast, but unlocking it required targeted and effective strategies.


Leveraging strategic marketing initiatives and our deep understanding of the beauty industry, GVN Marketing crafted solutions tailored to Lisa Noto’s specific needs. Our strategies aimed at expanding the company’s digital reach and converting website visits into sales, effectively tackling the challenges they faced.


The outcomes have been truly exceptional. We’re delighted to share that with our support, Lisa Noto has experienced a remarkable 200% increase in sales over the two-year period. This outstanding growth underscores the effectiveness of well-tailored marketing strategies in driving business success.

Discover Our Success Story

Discover Our Success Story

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