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Our services are crafted to fit your unique business needs, propelling your growth journey to greater heights.

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We offer services that are a perfect fit for your needs.

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Web Development & UI/UX Design

Website Redesign Services: Transform and modernize your online presence.
Website Development: Build custom, high-performance websites from scratch.
UX/UI Audit: Enhance user experience with precise insights and refinements.
E-Commerce Development: Launch and grow your online store seamlessly.
Website Maintenance & Support: Ensure a smooth-running, secure online presence.
Website Speed Optimization:Accelerate your site for better performance.

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Branding, Media, & Creative Content

Online Advertising: Leveraging platforms to target and reach potential customers.
Social Media: Engaging content and strategies to grow online communities.
Media Planning: Strategizing media spends and placements for maximum ROI.
Content Strategy: Planning and developing engaging content for target audiences.
Graphic Design: Visual designs that capture brand identity and communicate effectively.
Video Production: Creating impactful visual narratives.
Photography: Capturing high-quality images for branding and marketing.

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Chatbot & Communication Services

Messenger Chatbot: Automated services for engaging users on Meta's Messenger platform.
Line Chatbot: Tailored bots for the Line messaging application.

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Digital Marketing & Growth

Digital Strategy: Comprehensive planning for online growth.
SEO: Optimizing SEO for better search engine ranking.
SEM: Search Engine Marketing strategies for increased visibility.
SMM: Social Media Marketing to enhance brand presence on platforms.
Growth Marketing: Data-driven strategies focused on growth hacks and user acquisition.
Innovation: Pioneering strategies or tools consulting to help businesses stay ahead in the market.
Data Consulting: Assisting businesses in leveraging data for decision-making.

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E-Commerce & Brand Positioning

E-commerce: Strategies to enhance online sales and shopping experiences.
Branding & Positioning: Defining and establishing a brand's distinct market stance.
Graphic Identity: Visual elements that consistently represent brand values.

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Programming & Integration

API Development: Creating interfaces for different software to communicate.
SHOPIFY: E-commerce platform development.
NODE JS (JAVASCRIPT): Server-side scripting with JavaScript.
.NET: Framework for building various applications.
PHP: Server-side scripting language for web development.
AWS LAMDA: Event-driven serverless computing platform.
JSON: Lightweight data-interchange format.

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For services personalized just for you, don’t hesitate get in touch with us!

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Specialized Expertise

Specific experience and proven track record underscore our dedication to unparalleled excellence.

Tailored Strategies

Tailored strategies that perfectly match your brand’s specific requirements

Measurable Results

We ensure concrete, measurable outcomes that directly align with your business objectives.

Collaborative Approach

Working closely with clients as strategic partners.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Providing effective strategies within budget constraints.

Client Satisfaction

Positive testimonials and successful case studies showcasing client success.
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Contact our experts today to find the specific skills that best suit your needs.

Our Clients

What our customers say about us

I have only good things to say about GVN, they allowed my company EPG Informatique to go from $300,000 in turnover to $1,000,000 in less than a year. Our Facebook page has grown from 800 followers to 55,000 followers in less than 2 years.
The team is professional and understands our customers well. A big thank you once again!


Customer service at GVN marketing is very personalized, fast and efficient, always focused on results. We always feel supported and at the same time coached in all of our digital strategies. The team is always optimistic, positive and in solution mode. Thank you GVN Marketing for your incredible service.

Isabelle Cloutiermymujo.com

Great service! They are professional and my brand benefits a lot from the help given by GVN.

Jesse Fafard ThéorêtCFAK-FM

I am extremely demanding in life in general and they have exceeded my expectations by far.

Patrick DesautelsL’Atelier x Tattoo Montréal

More than 2 years that I use the services of GVN Marketing, I am sure to have made the best choice of agency. They are friendly, quick and deliver results.

Alexandra WilfordHell’s Ink

GVN Marketing has been a great partner for Melow. They have helped us grow our business and reach new customers in a way that we never could have imagined on our own.

Melissa Bolducmelowparmelissabolduc.com

I've been working with GVN since September 2021 and I'm extremely satisfied with their quick results.

Alexandre Dufault-PoliquinQORI.ca

I encourage every entrepreneur I know to work with these guys. They are flexible and always find effective solutions, no matter how tricky the issue seems.

Dany Lemaymulti-preneur

We engaged with GVN Marketing to grow our online presence and drive customer engagement. Their services are amazing since the start with their strategic approach, combined with their dedication to delivering high-quality work, always ready to help and accommodate my company needs. Thank you GVN team for your great work!

Vanessa AbdalaMaison Ipanema

There are many digital marketing firms out there, but few will go beyond the typical scope and approach problems with ingenuity and "out of the box" thinking like the GVN Team.
It's so rare to work with an outside team that are truly invested in your business but GVN is one of them. Their team truly care about your success, have always been friendly and extraordinary, always putting our firms needs first.
Working with GVN Marketing, you are not getting an outsourced service, you are getting a marketing partner!

Nont PongpairojDash

We recommend! Good for develop the website. Thank you to GVN team. We have the best experience in this place.👍


As a new business owner, I could not have hoped for a better company to assist me with my marketing. Vincent, Milk and all GVN team, THANK YOU. Thank you for your attention to details and care you putted in my business.
Marketing seemed daunting at first as I do not understand much, but you made it so easy. Hope to see you all soon for my future projects.

Guillaume VialaPopote French bistro & café - Suan Phlu
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We'd love to take a look at your project!
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