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We’re thrilled to highlight our outstanding client, Dash, as our Customer of the Month. Established in 2019 in Bangkok, Dash is a high-end lifestyle brand that caters to the urban sophisticate with a stunning collection of minimalist leather bags. The brand embodies luxury, sophistication, and the essence of urban living. However, despite their exceptional products, Dash encountered challenges in reaching their target audience and fully leveraging their online presence.


Dash faced a dual challenge. Firstly, they needed to boost their online visibility to reach a broader audience and effectively showcase their luxury leather goods. Secondly, they aimed to enhance their website’s user experience to improve customer conversion and engagement rates. Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focusing on customer reach and website optimization.



Our approach as a digital marketing agency combined social media advertising and UI/UX optimization for Dash’s website.

For social media advertising, we utilized popular platforms to create targeted and engaging ads, significantly increasing the visibility of Dash’s products. Through detailed targeting options and consistent messaging, we captured the attention of potential customers, resulting in improved online visibility and customer engagement.

On the UI/UX front, we revamped Dash’s website, streamlining the user journey and enhancing its visual appeal. This included optimizing page loading times and improving the ease of finding, viewing, and purchasing products.


In just 30 days during March 2023, our strategies delivered impressive results. Dash’s social media ads generated over 4.1 million impressions, showcasing an expanded reach. Simultaneously, our UI/UX enhancements led to a higher conversion rate, contributing to a 12.32% reduction in their advertising budget.

These achievements underscore the effectiveness of combining robust social media strategies with exceptional web design and user experience. We’re proud to have played a role in Dash’s success and look forward to continuing our collaboration for further growth.

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