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Our team recently had the privilege of partnering with Moishes, a renowned Montreal brand that has flourished since 1938. Assigned with addressing their recruitment needs ahead of an imminent reopening, we deployed our innovative marketing techniques to tackle this challenge head-on.


The recruitment project coincided with Canada’s unprecedented labor shortage. Delivering results within a tight schedule and a highly competitive labor market was imperative. This necessitated leveraging our digital marketing agency’s expertise fully to provide exceptional value to Moishes, showcasing our unwavering commitment to all our clients.


In response, our digital marketing agency launched a tailored and innovative marketing campaign targeting high-quality candidates. We successfully garnered hundreds of exceptional resumes, achieving this at a cost significantly below Moishes’ allocated budget. With a remarkable cost of less than $3 per received resume, we showcased our ability to deliver exceptional HR marketing services under challenging circumstances.


Our efforts have had a profound impact. The affordable and efficient recruitment campaign not only enabled Moishes to meet its staffing requirements in time for reopening but also established a new standard for cost-effectiveness in recruitment. We take immense pride in preserving the legacy and upholding the high standards of this iconic establishment while assisting them in navigating the modern challenges of recruitment.

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Discover Our Success Story

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