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We recently had the privilege of partnering with Qori, a distinguished Canadian company known for its natural and undyed alpaca wool clothing and accessories. Our goal was to overhaul their digital marketing strategy to enhance their e-commerce website performance.


While Qori had a successful year in 2021, they sought to expand their online market share further. The challenge was to build on their past achievements by elevating their online presence and customer engagement while preserving their brand’s unique identity and core values.



As a leading digital marketing agency, we devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy comprising three main elements: a proactive content creation strategy, a complete website redesign, and a comprehensive social media advertising campaign. This integrated approach aimed to boost customer engagement, improve the overall user experience, and ultimately drive online sales.


The results were remarkable, with Qori witnessing significant improvements across key performance indicators. There was a 147% surge in e-commerce sales, a 66% increase in online conversion rates, and a 30% rise in average order value compared to the previous year. This growth, achieved on top of an already successful year, underscores the effectiveness of our customized digital marketing strategies in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

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Discover Our Success Story

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