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Their progress has been incredible. TADA saw a 188% increase in new driver sign-ups. Plus, their cost per acquisition (CPA) was three times less than the planned budget, giving three times more value to their campaigns without spending extra. It’s clear that TADA’s popularity is growing fast. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate such success?

Wondering who TADA is? TADA launched in Singapore in 2018 and quickly became a popular ride-hailing platform. They offer services like ride-hailing and parcel delivery. Now, TADA is expanding to Thailand with its new ride-hailing service. Stay tuned and get ready!



Despite TADA’s growing popularity, they faced challenges in optimizing their marketing to achieve their goals efficiently. They needed to increase new driver sign-ups while keeping their cost per acquisition within budget.


GVN Marketing, a renowned digital marketing agency, stepped in with a digital marketing strategy tailored to TADA’s needs. We improved their targeting, optimized ads, and used data to maximize performance.


The results were amazing. In a short time, TADA saw a 188% increase in new driver sign-ups, exceeding their goals. Plus, their cost per acquisition was three times lower than planned. This success added great value to their campaigns and positioned TADA as a rapidly growing ride-hailing service.

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Discover Our Success Story

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