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GVN Marketing had the pleasure of partnering with Katrin Leblond Design, an ethical and colorful clothing brand based in Montreal, Canada, in August 2022. Our task was to harness the power of our marketing prowess to enhance the brand’s reach and profitability.


Despite having a distinct and appealing product line, Katrin Leblond Design faced the common challenge of cutting through the noise in the highly competitive fashion market. Their goal was to reach and engage their target audience more effectively, thereby increasing both online and in-store sales.


Addressing the needs of Katrin Leblond Design, our digital marketing agency tailored a comprehensive digital strategy focused on three primary elements: a robust social media advertising campaign, superior content creation, and crucial adjustments to the UI/UX of their website. We meticulously crafted and refined these aspects to mirror the brand’s unique identity and values. Our intent was to not only augment their online presence and reach their target audience more effectively but also to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience, ultimately boosting brand visibility and sales.


The influence of our digital marketing agency’s tactics on Katrin Leblond Design has been swift and phenomenal. Specifically, in June 2023, the brand saw an extraordinary 371% surge in online sales and a substantial 33% boost in in-store purchases, compared to the same period in 2022. These outstanding figures underscore the power of our strategic approach in driving significant expansion for our clients. While website conversion rates weren’t mentioned in this round of data, previous successes, such as the remarkable 179% increase in September 2022, exemplify our ability to generate meaningful growth across various metrics. Celebrating such triumphs becomes a natural response in light of these results.

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