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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of EPG Computer’s revamped website, designed to cater specifically to the Canadian market’s passion for custom gaming PCs.

From Frustration to User-Friendly Navigation

EPG Computer, a Canadian leader in custom gaming PCs, was grappling with an outdated website that hindered user experience. Difficult navigation, along with visual and functional shortcomings, made online shopping frustrating. Additionally, there was no dedicated section for customizing PCs.

Crafting a User-Centric Solution

To address these issues, we prioritized enhancing both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). We conducted a thorough analysis of the shortcomings of the previous website and implemented strategic fixes. The website’s look and feel were refreshed with a visually appealing color scheme and easy-to-read fonts, creating an atmosphere that aligns with EPG Computer’s brand identity. To guarantee a seamless user experience, we utilized design visualization tools before implementing the changes.

Leveraging Shopify for a Powerful Platform

We made the strategic decision to migrate EPG Computer’s website to Shopify, a platform renowned for its adaptability and reliability. This shift not only improved website performance but also opened doors to incorporating advanced features that enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Streamlining the PC Building Journey

A core aspect of the improvements involved making it incredibly easy for users to customize their gaming PCs. Through close collaboration with EPG Computer, we gained a deep understanding of customer preferences and ensured those options were user-friendly. Every step of the process, from selecting components to finalizing the purchase, was meticulously designed for maximum ease.

In Conclusion: The Power of Strategic Digital Transformation

Our collaboration with EPG Computer serves as a compelling illustration of how well-conceived digital transformations can yield significant results. By prioritizing user needs, utilizing the appropriate technological tools, and adhering to best practices, we empowered EPG Computer to elevate their position within Canada’s competitive gaming market.

Is Your Digital Experience Holding You Back?

In today’s digital age, a user-friendly and effective website is critical for business success. Just like EPG Computer, many businesses struggle with outdated websites that don’t reflect their brand or meet customer needs. At GVN Marketing, we partner with businesses to create custom digital experiences that drive results.

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