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Asia Pillars, a premier business network event, quickly became a hub for high-level networking in Bangkok. These events attracted C-level executives and entrepreneurs from various industries. Over time, Asia Pillars expanded its reach to include Asia Pillars – Art Connection and Asia Pillars – Film Connection, becoming the region’s largest art- and film-related networking gatherings.


Asia Pillars faced a non-functional website, prompting the need for a revamped platform accommodating all pillars’ features while upholding their black-and-white branding. The site had to exude professionalism for its business-focused audience and allow future content modifications by the customer.


GVN Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency, took on the challenge, utilizing WordPress to develop a user-friendly and professional website for Asia Pillars. The process kicked off by establishing the website’s mood, tone, color scheme, and style, followed by a wireframe approval stage before advancing to prototyping.


The collaboration resulted in a website that met Asia Pillars’ functional needs, including showcasing their directory and membership options, while also respecting their branding identity. GVN Marketing’s dedication ensured a user-centric experience for visitors, empowering Asia Pillars to effectively engage with its audience.

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